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PC Custom Build
Excellence in build, Quick delivery
​After I ordered my PC, they were happy to keep me updated every step of the way. The build itself is too notch, and the customer service too. 10/10
Stefan Guest

Gaming PC
Review of gaming PC
​New PC came in last week and so far everything has been excellent. Support has been really helpful with the custom build I ordered and when I had questions setting up the comp. If you looking for a custom PC I highly recommend this company.

Gaming PC
Excellent service, well-built, good prices
Realm Computers is a great way to get a custom computer without pre-built prices. They are great at sourcing parts to find the best deals and pass a good portion of those savings to the customer without any BS. My gaming PC was built quickly and I have had no problems since purchasing it. Would buy from them again and recommend them to my friends!
Hawkzz Broadcasting

GPU back plate
Great Product. Reasonably Priced.
The back plate I ordered was custom with my gamertag with a custom font. It came out great! Looks amazing and shipped quick.
Austin H

Custom GPU Backplate
One word.. Service
The Realm Computers support is the best I have experienced in some time. They worked with me with about 4 different designs I was asking about and were very patient during the holidays. The design turned out fantastic when I received it. Would definitely come back.
Chris P